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Lääne-Viru College

Lääne-Viru College was established on the basis of Lääne-Virumaa Higher Vocational School on September 3, 2007.

The curricula and the teaching are developed and conducted in cooperation with the employers and professional associations (LVRKK Development Plan) and Implemention of the Development Plan. Accountancy, Business Administration,  Assistant Manager, Social Work and Commercial Economics have been assessed by the international teams of experts and have been accredited by the Estonian Higher Education Quality Council.

The activities of the college are based on the statute.

The basic objectives are:
1. To train specialists on the basis of higher educational and vocational curricula in the field of health and welfare, social sciences, business and law, science and service.
2. To carry out applied research and developmental activities in these fields.
3. To provide re-qualification courses.

Lääne-Viru College has unique learning environment, hostels at Mõdriku and Rakvere, a library, a sports ground and a gym.
The strengths of Lääne-Viru College are long tradition and continuity in the teaching, the teaching staff have high qualifications and a lot of practical experience. College has up-to-date learning environment. The internationalisation strategy of Lääne-Viru College is based on the mission statement of the college and on strategic documents and agreements of European and Estonian higher education.
The mission of Lääne-Viru College is to provide students with opportunities for acquisition of knowledge and practical skills required for life and work, in order to enhance their competitiveness and to support the regional economy through applied research and developmental projects. The current internationalisation plan focuses on active participation in various international projects; a continued effort to increase student and staff mobility; developing the understanding between different cultures; increasing the interest of students and academic staff to study foreign languages, developing curricula in cooperation with international partners and representatives of labour market. We also support the lecturers` exchange in order to give the other students, who do not take part in the international exchange the possibility to benefit from the cooperation with the foreign educational institutions.

The Development Division initiates and runs the international projects. Meetings with management, academic staff and students are held on a regular basis to spread information about new and ongoing EU projects and to discuss different project ideas and mobility opportunities. All the information regarding EU projects is supplied in printed form and on our website.
It is considered that all students regardless of their gender, nationality, race and religion should have access to education on the same conditions. We recognise the special needs of disabled students and offer support to all students with special needs.

Lääne-Viru College was awarded ERASMUS University Charter in  2008. Since then, we have  been actively involved in ERASMUS student and staff mobility programs.

Lääne-Viru College
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46609 Lääne-Virumaa
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