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Erasmus is higher-education sub-program of Erasmus+ program (2014-2020) proposed by the European Commission. The Erasmus programme includes all EU Member States as well as Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Croatia and Macedonia. Higher education institutions are not automatically granted the right to participate in the programme – they must apply for the Erasmus University Charter and observe its terms and conditions.

Lääne-Viru College has been participating in the European Community higher education programme Erasmus since 2008. Lääne-Viru College was awarded with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education under the Erasmus+ Programme, selection year 2014. Please also see our Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS).

The main activity under the Erasmus programme is student mobility with the aim of

  • studying at a partner higher education institution (3-12 month) or
  • to do a traineeship abroad in a higher education institution, company, research centre or training centre (minimum period 2 months).

In order to support and promote student mobility, the Erasmus programme provides supporting activities:

  • Teaching staff mobility – mobility of teaching staff with the aim of short-term teaching in a partner higher education institution;
  • Staff training – mobility of non-academic staff with the aim of attending training courses organised in a foreign higher education institution, company or organisation;
  • The programme also provides support to universities for diverse study programme development and cooperation projects.

General information and the list of higher education institutions which have been granted the right to participate in the programme are available: